Water Heater Installation

Z&H Plumbing works to provide you the best service available and same day expert water heater installation. When the water heater in your house stops working you need to find a reliable plumber who knows what the correct solution for your house is. We have all the knowledge, experience and up to date technology to help repair your current water heater, or guide you to the right options and get a new one installed quickly.

As one of the leading LA Plumbing companies we have also offer full service not only getting your old water heater out but making sure the newest most efficenct water heater for your situation is put in its place. Saving you money on electricty and gas costs in the future.

We currently offer the current leading brands:
American Water Heaters
Bradford White

Warranty varies on brand of water heater; 6, 9, and 12 years warranty available.

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