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Most homes have water collecting sump basins commonly found in the basements of homes. Sometimes additional water collects in sump basins entering via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, because of the rain or natural ground water. This is one of the occasions you do need an experienced plumber to send collected water away from the house.

We at Z&H Plumbing are some of few companies in LA Area providing such services on a professional and licensed based level.

We install Sump Pumps sharing with you all the important decisions to be made to have a reliable sump pump making sure that municipal codes are in place and you have the best possible option.

To select the right sump pump we consider several factors such as application in which it will be used, manual or electronic, power, head pressure, power cord length, phase and voltage, water level sensing switch type, backup system and alarm.

If we try to describe the process as simply steps that would be the following: we find the location, dig a hole for sump, add more gravel, attach adapters and install a check valve to channel water away from the house and then run the PVC through the wall, apply sealant to the hole, spread out the water flow and finally cover the sump.

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