Sewer Replacement

Sewer Lines are likes mines in the ocean. They are silent and hidden but when the time comes they bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience. If you hear unusual gurgling sound in drain system, water backing up out of a toilet or you smell of raw sewage then it’s the time to give a call us. Luckily, here at Z&H Plumbing there are plenty of experts ready to quickly diagnose and repair or replace the old sewer lines.

The reasons behind clogged or slow drain sewers usually are the same; old system of pipes, tree roots or wrong usage of sewer lines.

When you call us you speak with an expert plumber. He will guide you how to shut the water off at the source in order to prevent backup of the water to your house.

Once we arrive to your home, our specialist will diagnose the problem and offer effective solutions. There can be two types of clogs: main sewer line or in one of the smaller secondary lines. If the clog is in the main line, it will affect all areas of plumbing creating a backup anytime you run water, while secondary line most probably will be isolated to that area only.

We are equipped with the latest technology, prepared for any sewer replacement or repair and are happy to offer “Pipe lining” or “Pipe bursting” services to all our customers. Z&H Plumbers can inspect the sewer lines with cameras and get the job done with traditional or trench less methods. But don’t be afraid, before starting anything, we will first try to solve any clog with minimal costs. By running a cable (also known as snake or drain auger) through the line we will try to clear the clog. If it doesn’t work then camera inspection is perhaps the best way to determine what to do next.

Call us now if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned problems and we will offer you the best options for sewer replacement or repair.

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