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New construction

It is always an advantage to plan an execute all plumbing system with unlimited budget. But in real life budgets are spent to decorate houses or furnish commercial spaces. When it comes to us we first act as advisers for a new construction as would your lawyer or doctor recommend the best options to go with.

My experience proved this Japanese proverb to be true: “ If you don’t button up the first button correct the rest will be all wrong”.

Right from the beginning we make sure that all the steps are done righ. We work with all the cities in LA area and familiar with the local codes and list of materials that you need to submit for a rough plumbing work permit.
The next is the actual rough-in diagram which ussualy includes waste, drain and vente systems plan.
We have learned to plan carefully taking into considerations all the aspects city codes and materials, your budget and the future plans of expansions.

The execution of the plan is somewhat the easiest part of the process as we rely only on ourselfes. The last step is local code enforcement offircer’s inspection when rough plumbing work is finished. We’ll make sure that the pipe sizes, materials are corresponding to the right codes.

Tankless water heaters

We’ve learned that most of the time clients like to have a service instead of actual goods, they want to feel safe and less worried. That is why when it comes to water heaters we choose Tankless Water Heaters. We feel comfident that the services we provide will create that atmoshere of “long serving” making both a good will for us and happy clients.
There is plenty of material on the web explaining all the details on Tankless Water Heaters. We work with all the major brands and will install the right heater for your home and budget.

Sewer Camera Inspection

There are several reasons that you might need a sewer camera inspection. It is never an easy task and needs not only an expert plumber but special tools to execute the process. At Z&H Plumbing we believe that sewer camera is one of the most effective inventions that science brought to us. But as usually happens people like the idea of sewer cameras so much that they use this service even if they don’t need any. When it comes to us we make sure that Sewer Camera Inspection is done only in cases when the client really needs it. The group of plumbers at Z&H Plumbing is equiped with the special truck and tools to visually inspect interiors of the pipes. We can watch live the interiors and also record the process of inspection. The lasers incorporated into camera help to determine the size of the pipe and collect all other data to make sure future decisions are based on a relevant information.

Gas Piping

Piping is not a rocket science but it is a science and when it comes to Gas Piping we are against D-I-Y not because we are so aggressive to sell our services but to protect the families and employees in the cities where we live. The internet threads are full of non-professional advices and know-hows on how to implement house or office Gas Piping while the real plumbers are trained 4-6 years to get their license and start working.

We install gas lines with maximum care as the any leakage can lead to unexpected and serious health implications.

Main plumbing services that we offer regarding gas piping are:

  • Installation of new gas lines
  • Replacment or repair of broken or leaking gas lines
  • Replacement of old gas lines.

Drain Cleaning

There is no single drain in yout house or office that we won’t service.
When cleaning a drain we don’t rely on intution but use our training and experience. Drains are everywhere basements, kitchens, batrhooms, garages, toilets etc.

Z&H Plumbing provides full range of drain cleaning services including your main sewere lines, bathroom sink drains, kitchen drains, toilet drains, floor drains, shower or bathtub drains and any other drain that you can name.
We recommend regular drain cleanings to prevent major clogs. It can also help to prevent odors and sewer gas from escaping.

Sewer Replacement

Sewer Lines are likes mines in the ocean. They are silent and hidden but when the time comes they bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience. If you hear unusual gurgling sound in drain system, water backing up out of a toilet or you smell of raw sewage then it’s the time to give a call us. Luckily, here at Z&H Plumbing there are plenty of experts ready to quickly diagnose and repair or replace the old sewer lines.

The reasons behind clogged or slow drain sewers usually are the same; old system of pipes, tree roots or wrong usage of sewer lines.

When you call us you speak with an expert plumber. He will guide you how to shut the water off at the source in order to prevent backup of the water to your house.

Once we arrive to your home, our specialist will diagnose the problem and offer effective solutions. There can be two types of clogs: main sewer line or in one of the smaller secondary lines. If the clog is in the main line, it will affect all areas of plumbing creating a backup anytime you run water, while secondary line most probably will be isolated to that area only.

We are equipped with the latest technology, prepared for any sewer replacement or repair and are happy to offer “Pipe lining” or “Pipe bursting” services to all our customers. Z&H Plumbers can inspect the sewer lines with cameras and get the job done with traditional or trenchless methods. But don’t be afraid, before starting anything, we will first try to solve any clog with minimal costs. By running a cable (also known as snake or drain auger) through the line we will try to clear the clog. If it doesn’t work then camera inspection is perhaps the best way to determine what to do next.

Call us now if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned problems and we will offer you the best options for sewer replacement or repair.

Copper Repiping

Copper Pipes are well known to very last for decades. Unlike iron or galvanized pipes, copper pipes do not deteriorate over the time and usually do not create emergencies. Some signs indicating that it’s the time to change your old system may be yellow or discolored water coming of your tap, same applies to a foul odor coming from the tap or when pipes begin to leak or have slab leaks. Most of the plumbers were using galvanized pipes (iron coated with zinc), which used to be a good choice 25 or more years ago. But the practice shows that galvanized pipes age and the zinc lining tend to erode allowing rust to form. Rust progressively accumulates with the pipes, hampering the water movement and generating even a lot more construct-up of unsightly and stinky gunk or slime all via the plumbing process. You get water that is rusty, smelly, and minimal in volume.
Our advice is to replace iron or galvanized pipes with copper pipes.

How does it work?

If you invite an expert from Z&H Plumbing first he will figure out the present pipe pattern, so the new copper pipe can match the old one. When the step is done right then the whole process turns to be simpler. We use elbows, adapters and all other threading equipment to get the job done right. Next is to clean those fittings as well as the pipe. Once we accomplish with all that we us flux paste, which is basically a style of acid used for cleaning and soldering the copper. Our practice shows that soldering has to be done after cleansing. After we reduce the outdated pipe we will solder in new copper repiping.
We always double check to make sure the cold drinking water has been truly connected to the cold drinking water pipe.

Why choose copper re-piping?

Copper re-piping is a practical option for typical apartments, condominiums, residential residences and industrial structures. And although some people think copper re-piping is more pricey than plastic polymers but in the long run copper re-piping is both more durable and financially better option.
Last but not least, copper re-piping excludes potential damages to your floors and walls.
At Z&H Plumbing we have special quotes for those who are in renovation so the plumber can achieve the pipes.
We are happy to share our experience and give you free estimates for copper re-piping.

Leak Detection

Z&H Plumbing works 24/7 to provide you the best service available and same day expert leak detection. When you have a leak you mostly worry about to find relaible plumber and accurately detect the leak. We have all the knowledge, experience and up to date technology to detect the leak. As one of the leading LA Plumbing companies we have also offer full service not only locating the leaks but repairing them where detection is free if the services are combined.

Garbage disposal

At Z&H Plumbing we provide almost all disposal repairs and installations no matter heavy commercial food service disposals or a simple residential models.
Most of the times problems occur when garbage disposals are not used properly. In such cases all you need to do is to restart or sometimes power source has to be ckecked. Usually Garbage Disposals have the reset button at the bottom of the unit. If all that doesn’t help we are ready to provide fast, accurate, clean and professional garbage disposal instalation or repair.

Sump Pump

Most homes have water collecting sump basins commonly found in the basements of homes. Sometimes additional water collects in sump basins entering via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, because of the rain or natural ground water. This is one of the occasions you do need an experienced plumber to send collected water away from the house.

We at Z&H Plumbing are some of few companies in LA Area providing such services on a professional and licensed based level.

We install Sump Pumps sharing with you all the important decisions to be made to have a relieble sump pump making sure that municipal codes are in place and you have the best possible option.

To selcet the right sump pump we consider several factors such as application in which it will be used, manual or electronic, power, head preassure, power cord length, phase and voltage, water level sensing switch type, backup system and alarm.

If we try to describe the process as simply steps that would be the following: we find the location, dig a hole for sump, add more gravel, attach adapters and install a check valve to channel water away from the house and then run the pvc through the wall, apply sealant to the hole, spread out the water flow and finally cover the sump.

Give us a call to discuss and start your Sump Pump project with Z&H Plumbing today.

Kitchen and Bath

We don't forget the "Plumbing Classics" important for any house - Sinks, Toilets, Tubs, Showers, Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Additions, Dishwashers, Water Softeners, Gas Dryers/Wash Machines, Water Lines to Ace Makers, Fixture Replacement and many more services.

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