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It is always an advantage to plan an execute all plumbing system with unlimited budget. But in real life budgets are spent to decorate houses or furnish commercial spaces. When it comes to us we first act as advisers for a new construction as would your lawyer or doctor recommend the best options to go with.

My experience proved this Japanese proverb to be true: “ If you don’t button up the first button correct the rest will be all wrong”.

Right from the beginning we make sure that all the steps are done right. We work with all the cities in LA area and familiar with the local codes and list of materials that you need to submit for a rough plumbing work permit.
The next is the actual rough-in diagram which usually includes waste, drain and vent systems plan.
We have learned to plan carefully taking into considerations all the aspects city codes and materials, your budget and the future plans of expansions.

The execution of the plan is somewhat the easiest part of the process as we rely only on ourselves. The last step is local code enforcement officers' inspection when rough plumbing work is finished. We’ll make sure that the pipe sizes, materials are corresponding to the right codes.

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