Copper Re-Piping

Copper Pipes are well known to very last for decades. Unlike iron or galvanized pipes, copper pipes do not deteriorate over the time and usually do not create emergencies. Some signs indicating that it’s the time to change your old system may be yellow or discolored water coming of your tap, same applies to a foul odor coming from the tap or when pipes begin to leak or have slab leaks. Most of the plumbers were using galvanized pipes (iron coated with zinc), which used to be a good choice 25 or more years ago. But the practice shows that galvanized pipes age and the zinc lining tend to erode allowing rust to form. Rust progressively accumulates with the pipes, hampering the water movement and generating even a lot more construct-up of unsightly and stinky gunk or slime all via the plumbing process. You get water that is rusty, smelly, and minimal in volume.
Our advice is to replace iron or galvanized pipes with copper pipes.

How does it work?

If you invite an expert from Z&H Plumbing first he will figure out the present pipe pattern, so the new copper pipe can match the old one. When the step is done right then the whole process turns to be simpler. We use elbows, adapters and all other threading equipment to get the job done right. Next is to clean those fittings as well as the pipe. Once we accomplish with all that we us flux paste, which is basically a style of acid used for cleaning and soldering the copper. Our practice shows that soldering has to be done after cleansing. After we reduce the outdated pipe we will solder in new copper repiping.
We always double check to make sure the cold drinking water has been truly connected to the cold drinking water pipe.

Why choose copper re-piping?

Copper re-piping is a practical option for typical apartments, condominiums, residential residences and industrial structures. And although some people think copper re-piping is more pricey than plastic polymers but in the long run copper re-piping is both more durable and financially better option.
Last but not least, copper re-piping excludes potential damages to your floors and walls.
At Z&H Plumbing we have special quotes for those who are in renovation so the plumber can achieve the pipes.
We are happy to share our experience and give you free estimates for copper re-piping.

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