One day, when I was in seventh grade, an incident happened with me, which determined my future. There was nothing extraordinary just in two different classrooms pipes burst simultaneously. While students were leaving the building and teachers trying to forward water to drains, I closed the pipes, found the central heating system and switched it off. I wasn't sure if I have done something heroic, but plumbers who arrived and principal thought I am the one.

I already knew that I could easily fix leaking faucet at my grandma's house or determine the cause of leaking water at home but never thought that I have any talent in plumbing.

Over the time I started to resolve plumbing issues of my friends and then their friends and so on. The money I've earned were only pocket money for me as I thought I'd become a famous athlete or founder of a corporation like Microsoft.

So when I entered my college I started to read books like “How to Start Your Own Business” or “Best 100 start-ups in USA” only to discover that I “have to find my own path”, so it didn't take me much more to realize that I don't need to become anyone else rather than a professional plumber. I simply had to deepen my knowledge both in Plumbing and its Management.

20 years passed after that day in school and I never stopped following my dream. Today, I'm very happy that a student with just bunch of wrenches created Z&H Plumbing, a corporation where every professional plumber is sharing my values: to work hard day by day making life of SoCal people even better.

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